Write a good bye card to yourself.

Imagine you were leaving someplace,maybe your job or your neighborhood or your college. Write this person a good bye card.

What will you say?

Will you say a few ice cube words out of a freezer and sign off ?

Will you confess that you were in love with me but could never tell me because you were married and had 2 beautiful boys you loved.

Or will you tell me you hate that I did so well in spite of my pathetic peanut sized IQ

Or will you wonder if I was sleeping with my junior and then my boss while we were at that conference in LA.

Write a goodbye card to yourself that you know you can write without me finding out who you were.

Would you write me a hate letter inside a dry pressed rose on the cover?

Would you ?

Maybe you should or maybe I should .

We just love this game . It’s all fair in this place . We are all saints . We are all satans. Depending on the mood and the drug .

So write your self a good bye card and make it count . Make every word count . As if they were your last 100.

But for devils sake write.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. https://twitter.com/AndyTravis31 ; andytravis@email.com

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