We must rescue the rejected to heal ourselves.

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“There is a false saying, ‘whoever cannot save himself …how can he save others?’ But if I have the key to your chains, why should your and my lock be the same.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

What a haunting prophecy by a genius who knew he was going to lose his mind. Friedrich Nietzsche suffered a mental collapse at the young age of 44 and died 10 years later.

But this idea of having the key to someone else’s chain is a profound one. It can change your life forever in an instant.

It changes the lens of life from taking from life to grow to giving to life in order to gain.

It solves the mystery of how to deal with suffering. You serve in order to dissolve the pain.

Look around you. Don’t look far. Look at the person you care the most for. Look and pay attention to what hurts or ails or bothers them. Then ask yourself, what can i do right now to make that pain be a bit lesser, a bit lighter. And then go do it. I mean do it. Don’t meta meditate on it. Act on it.

It does not have to be a big dramatic act. Just small but heartfelt with pure intent to help heal that person. Totally unselfish. Totally unconditional. Having done it. Pause and reflect on how you feel.

You will see something miraculous move in you. Your own pain, anxiety, fear, anger, shame, guilt, envy…whatever weighs you down right now will dissolve and a new lightness will surface. Every time. Might be for a little while and then the old pain comes back.

But the fact that you felt compassion for another even if for just a moment has a instantaneous effect on you. That is called self healing.

If you can practice this daily in your life. Not once in a while while it suits you. I mean daily…

…then slowly these daily acts of compassion will heal the pain in your anxious heart. and you will be free.


Rescue the suffering daily and you will be rewarded with a lasting peace of mind.

It’s the key.

Tell me what you have found …and if this is true for you in the comments below.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. https://twitter.com/AndyTravis31 ; andytravis@email.com

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