To Grow, `Feel Your Finest’ Daily.

No Matter How Small or Short the Feeling.

Andy Travis
5 min readJun 7, 2021


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“Don’t allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily”
Paulo Coelho

Here is why and how — To feel your finest.

Feel your finest is a state of temporary contentment that you experience in a day for something that you did or felt. But it is a conscious acknowledgment of that feeling in your heart. It need not be a large act or gesture.

Just raindrops of feelings that come and go throughout your day.

Feel your finest when you cared to listen without a shred of judgment. Feel your finest when you showed your gratitude to someone who helped you. It could show up when you meditated. Or when you wrote and enjoyed the words that formed the sentence, the paragraph, the post. Or when you called your friend/loved one/kids/parent. Someone you want to give your love to.

Feel your finest when you kept a promise to your recovering self. Or your procrastinating self and made that one move towards self-healing or self-love. Feel your finest — even when you did the dishes well. Feel your finest when you did not let your ego pour your anger on the one you love.

Feel your finest, When you acted with compassion to the urgent demands of someone you love when it was least convenient to you. Feel your finest when you were able to act despite fear on your long-term goals with small purposeful actions.

Feel your finest is you being able to observe your active self, feeling at its finest.

`Feel your finest’ is a state of your being that loves being absorbed in meaningful action. Action that flowed out of your open heart. That acted with no resistance. That acted with no frets from the past or fears from the future. Action that flowed from their primal desire to act in a determined, creative manner. Action that was made with no malice or regret. Action that sought satisfaction in its action as its only goal. Action that feeds your finest instincts and makes them purer, simpler, kinder.

Feeling your finest is an attitude of always climbing to your higher self.



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