Self transformation -A jigsaw worth solving.

Andy Travis
2 min readApr 14, 2020
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The journey to self-realisation is a coin collection of improvements every-day in the blazing desert of doubt.

I thought erroneously that self-discovery can be studied from books and talks followed by a eureka realisation one morning/evening/ night and then after a brief self- congratulatory shedding of tears certified into the mind and then life becomes a blue lagoon of bliss.

Not for me. It has been a penny by penny progress.

1. My journey is more like first looking at sharply identifying my Mt Everest goal of finding the antidote to my suffering mind.

2. Then deciding to commit to finding the cure and not ignoring it anymore in my life.

3. Then accepting the sacrifices I will have to make without knowing how many.

4. Accepting that I may get lost along the way and might never find the cure.

5. Accepting that I will lose a lot of things of value that I have held so dear for so long which will include valuable material comforts like status, money, friends and time.

6. Accepting that fear and anxiety and remorse and anger and loneliness and all their related emotional cousins will accompany me every step of the way. In my waking life and in my dreams.

7. But inspite of all this believing that the journey itself is worth undertaking for it will bring tangible good and benefits for me and for those I come in contact with.

8. And then starting to walk up one step at a time and devising strategies along the way.

From my vantage point, looking back I can see that three broad streams of investigation have nourished my progress.

1.Investigating my Mind and thoughts that I have in there.

2. Investigating and improving the Body.

3. Investigating the Spiritual teaching and literature available on the internet.

I am going to write a few articles unpacking this journey. Stick around and hope to see you here soon.

Andy Travis

A serial novelist, fascinated by what makes us tick, tickle & hide.