The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso

Photo by Temo Morales on Unsplash

If you have reached a point in your life when questions like above intrigue you or maybe haunt you and wake you up in the middle of the night. Then I have a theory you could consider.

I think there are 3 fundamental truths about us that we must investigate.

  1. We are all a part of nature.
  2. Yet we are all unique forms of nature.
  3. We are on a kind of mystical journey.

When you understand that you Are nature you start to observe nature in a lot more detail and see how she behaves and changes it’s course through it’s life.

I find it incredible to realise that every life form on this planet comes with its unique genetic code/imprint. Life is genetically unique in its form. Yet we are all part of this incredible kaleidoscope called life on earth.

So there must be a reason we are born with this duality of uniqueness and universality.

It’s like we all have some base ingredients and a secret code that makes us special. Why ?

I think we are meant to find that out. I mean go on a journey to discover this uniqueness. It’s a quest that is encoded in us but hidden for some reason. It tugs at us once in a while but only in our quietest moments. It asks us to explore our paradox of uniqueness within this universality.

So the meaning you give to life depends on how far you are prepared to explore the layers of your nature and play with the paradox of your life.

We are all like an onion. Layers of self and identity and experience and context. I ,like you has many versions of myself- husband, son, friend, lover, professional etc. What you identify with determines how you live your life. The framing is key.

But as you peel each layer away and keep asking `who am I’ … you start to go beyond the labels and discover that who you are are a set of values and emotions that you resonate to.

I love adventure and creativity and spiritual growth just like you may have your own set of values and emotions that resonate in you. This step is already a more spacious place. Un attached to form and more in synch with a form of energy.

But go even deeper and you start to feel the energy of a life force that is universal. I mean the force of creation. The energy at our core is a creative energy that is the ever present. Never diminished. The Hindu’s sometimes refer to this as Shakti and represent it in the feminine form of Kali and Durga.

And this energy flows in each one of us. Unbiased and constant. Its always on and accessible anytime we want. Its like this free wifi account that never drops. All you need is the access code.

So inside our onion is full of this invisible energy. We are this universal energy. Expressed outwards through our layers of selves.

Our goal in life should be to find the access code and then totally identify with this energy and claim it as our real self.

If you can find this place inside yourself you will feel an instant sense of completeness and calm and peace and joy. Even if for a moment. With practice this force will be accessible more often and for longer.

When you confront and connect with this inner energy you realise your purpose in life is to share the nature of this energy with others you come into contact with unconditionally.

You can’t help it. It becomes your nature.

This energy has a high sense of compassion and creativity. It does not want to harm. But create and grow and give. You have an amazing adventure guaranteed if you decide to discover this energy in yourself and then use it for everything in your life. It becomes the ink with which you write every moment of your life.

Before your body dies you must make at least 1 serious attempt to un peel your onion. And feel this invisible force of creation.

It will do 3 things to you .

  1. It will cure you of your layer of the suffering mind.
  2. It will make you live a fulfilled life in the service of sharing your discovery with life around you. You will value the wonder of your life and enjoy every interaction with it. Each moment will feel like a gift.
  3. You will know who you really are.

Picasso was right — once you find your gift. You have to give it away.

The point of life is to live life from this point of view.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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