Grow your power by embracing your energy paradox.

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Let me begin by introducing you to my favourite poet and one of his magical poems.

The Laughing Heart- By Charles Bukowski

I love his work because it makes me want to reach into the chaotic attic of my mind and find my cosmic torch and then live in its everlasting glow.

In the journey of disrobing my significance and adorning humility i have created a metaphor to live my life — that i want to share with you today.

Its something i have observed in all self aware humans and also preached by all the great philosophical gospels down the ages.

Its the metaphor of the energy paradox in life.

This is my very feeble attempt to draw this on a page to aid clarity. Bear with me.

Its the metaphor of a bulb lit up by a battery that has 2 opposing charges.

The battery itself is a symbol of Forms of our life.

This includes all the things that we can see and relate to. Starting with our bodies and extending out to all the things we see and own and touch and smell and eat . Forms also include all the things we want and have like wishes and money and titles and trophies and losses . And finally the Form also includes the forms in our minds and our thoughts and hopes and wishes and worries and that includes our monkey mind.

The battery is the core of what we experience in this lifetime. All joy and misery is packed into it. We each have our own battery in life. No escape from that.

The polarities is what we control.

On one side of the polarity is the positive charge. This is the charge of Total Acceptance of the form in the present moment. Total and complete. Stuck in traffic. Ok. Totally accept that. Lost your job . Ok . Total acceptance of that. Made a Million bucks. Ok. Total acceptance of that.

On the negative side of the charge is the Total Rejection of identifying with it.

Stuck in traffic. Totally reject that it is who you are in that moment. Lost your job. Ok . Totally reject that its who you are in that moment. Made a million bucks. Ok. Totally reject that its who you are.

So in your mind you carry a polarised paradox. On one hand you totally accept all forms that appear and in the same thought you totally reject any identification of that with who you are.

Now you have a powerful pure energy.

A force that you can use to create and live your dreams.

To know if you have this energy glowing in you check for 2 things.

The feeling and the forms that are manifesting.

The feeling will be that of peace and excitement and even joy sometimes and the things that will start to manifest will have a nature that is generous and loving.

In the beginning it will come and go. You will have days of darkness.

But if you persevere and keep looking for it and aiming for it in your life’s everyday actions... it starts to become more and more salient and starts to guide you in your life.

It becomes the default way to guide your actions and serve all those in your world.

And in this light you discover your true divine nature and it feels…well divine.

You might be living to another polarity. You might be rejecting the present moment and living in the past or the future on one side and totally attached to your ego on the other end of the charge.

This also creates energy. A volatile unpredictable kind of energy. High one day when things are going well and low the very next when things don’t work out.

A lot of darkness and suffering ensues.

Reflect on your energy. It’s all that we are made of.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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