Lately I wake up feeling a deep sense of calm and peace. Nothing really has changed in my life. It’s still the same as it was a year ago and yet I feel I have changed. It’s like getting a blood transfusion. Or a big dollop of sleep after a month of insomnia.

It’s that kind of relief .

If you are going through a phase of life where things are whirling and feelings are spiralling down. Take a moment to listen to me.

It’s going to change only if you change your thoughts. Nothing in your life is what it seems. It’s all depends on your lens. If you look at an empty couch in your room and feel lonely. It’s your fault. If you look at the grey sky outside and feel like crying it’s your thoughts messing up your mind.

Life is complete just like you are complete. Know that. It’s true. You are exactly at the place you are. Accept that first.

Be grateful for where you are. Be clear about your goal. Then take action. Have a crystal clear goal . Be grateful. then take action. The secret to changing your life is frankly that simple.

Clear goal.Grateful heart. Determined Action.

Try it.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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