If You Can Dare to Persist, It Will Harden Into Fact.

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These words of Neville Goddard ring in my ears as I type. “If you can dare to persist in your assumptions, they will harden into fact.”

It's such a well-crafted thought.

Loaded with meaning and direction. I particularly like the combination of daring being added as an adjective to the act of persistence. Moreover, I really love how the heroic act of persistence is attached firmly to an assumption that we hold to be dear or desirous. And finally, I love how the conceptual thought rolls effortlessly forward and turns into concrete reality in its outcome.

“If you can dare to persist in your assumptions, they will harden into fact.”

When I see this sentence I see the sacred code for getting what you want in life. He has summarised the entire world of manifestation into one simple sentence. I treat sentences like these more like a mantra for daily life. Mantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning a “sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel.” When internalized sufficiently, mantras can become a game-changing way of living our life. (For better or for worse, if abused.)

Your assumptions refer to your unfinished wish. It may be about anything that you hold dear or desire. It could be an assumption about your physical, mental, or your financial state. Does not really matter. As long as the assumption comes wrapped in some fuzzy future state that is still a work in progress. It qualifies as your assumption.

So Neville is predicting that if we can `dare to persist’ in our assumptions that our senses at the current time might reject…they (our assumptions) will harden into fact.

I love this metaphor of the hardening of assumptions.

Our assumptions are like smoke. They rise from a pile of wood in the hope of turning into flames. This smoke is frail and fragile when it begins. There is a lag between the flint and a raging, stable fire. The smoke keeps rising as you keep fanning that pile of wood and then suddenly the fire catches. Things seem so slow in this stage but then they suddenly harden into fact. I just read a quote from James Clear that resonated with this same thought when he wrote:

“How did you accomplish that?”

“Same as everything else. Gradually, then all at once.”

It's this phase of uncertainty that needs the most courage of persistence. It's the time when you have to do everything in your power to persist. The challenge is to ensure that the conditions remain conducive in this uncertain phase.

I have found that if you hold onto a paradoxical assumption it tends to lead to an energizing realization instead of an anxious one. The paradoxical thought is “I want it but I don't lack it.” It means your desire is an addition to your life. Not the completion of a gap.

If you can persist with this mantra, you will tend to operate with maximum focus with minimum friction. You will focus on the task without feeling less without it.

This assumption is free from incompleteness. It is free from fear. It's a place inside yourself where you are creating without the fear of losing. It is a game instead of a battle. You `play’ your assumption into reality.


It’s easy to manifest your goals if you keep these two mantras in mind.

  1. Dare to persist in your assumptions. They will harden into fact.

Carpe Diem.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. https://twitter.com/AndyTravis31 ; andytravis@email.com

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