I just found a great trick to feel calm in my chaos.

We all talk to ourselves . On a good day we say I am fine and I am smart and I am good looking etc etc . On a lot of other days we say I am struggling , I am not sure , I am an idiot etc etc .

But who is the i . If you stop and repeatedly , daily ask this question every time your mind speaks of the “l am…” you might make a small discovery.

The I in your head is your ego. It’s a thought. Just like the thought ‘pink elephant with wings’.

Once you get the hang of this discovery it’s a super power. This means that the ego is a thought that passes … like all thoughts .

So your ego is not the i in your mind.

Still with me ?

Ok . The second discovery you have to realize that you are actually the thing ‘behind’ your thoughts. Yeah . You are the stuff behind your thoughts . To experience this try this trick — ask yourself — what am I thinking … and wait and watch what appears … don’t care what appears … but stuff will appear — the act of being able to watch your thoughts is the next super power.

The fact that you can watch your thoughts means you are the stuff behind your thoughts . That stuff is pure energy.

Stay with me . Don’t let your mind distract you away from this . For just another minute.

That stuff behind your thoughts is you.

So next time you say I am stupid … just correct that thought and say .. I am thinking I am stupid.

You are not your thoughts . You are the pure stuff behind them. Practice this daily and you will suffer less and less everyday .

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. https://twitter.com/AndyTravis31 ; andytravis@email.com

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