How to stop feeling Incomplete.

In life we all spend a long time filling our holes with stuff. Without realizing that we are doing that.

We are born complete and then life eats into us like rats and makes us think we are full of holes.

Look at your life. Are you filling holes or are you living ?

What do I mean?

Are you chasing that promotion because you deserve it or because you think when you get it you will fill a hole called being worthwhile.

Are you chasing that boy or girl because you love her or because you thing they will love you and make you feel whole?

Are you chasing that new dress for its beauty or for its ability to make you feel thinner or more masculine.

You see we are all chasing what we lack.

We are all chasing to become complete.

We are all chasing the joy of landing after a turbulent flight. Everyday. Every minute.

Every second.

How exhausting!

$&@k that I say.

How about a life where we feel full and complete and content and calm and in love.

It’s possible. Start with yourself.

Love yourself. Feel complete.

Feel whole.

Make a list of everyone and everything that makes you feel less .

Then say to that list.

What you think and feel about me is your opinion.

And then go ahead and make love to yourself. And feel like who you actually are.

Unique. And complete.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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