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My reflections and some wise words I love.

For me, life is a beautiful game of unfolding experiences where we play to extract the most from each encounter.

  1. It’s a game you play against yourself. On one side is your light, the other side is your shade. Each side is trying to maximize its own meaning. Your goal is to maximize your light and minimize your shade in order to live a tranquil life in service of the world. You can’t watch this game unfold. You have to experience it.
  2. Your shadow side is a very worthy opponent. It exists to maximize your basic instincts. It exists to challenge your default state. Your shadow carries all the evil that lives in the collective conscience. You have to accept you have the potential to be the devil as much as you have the potential to be divine.

3. Your goal must be to use this shadow sparingly and responsibly — like salt in food. Accepting your shadow self is a sign of strength and aids in completing you.

4. Your light is your higher self that nourishes you and your world with compassion and creativity. Don’t judge yourself for having these two selves. Accept that it is your nature. You need both to make the game beautiful to play.

5. Life will surprise us with sorrow and success. That is guaranteed. How much sorrow and how much success is not. But we can choose how we look at both when they come.

6. The purpose of the game of life is to enjoy and endure fully. Feel the thrill of the rise as much as allow the pain of loss. Just don’t get lost in it. Grow through it.


When we look at life as a beautiful game, we stop waiting for it. We stop dreading it. We stop regretting it. Instead, we embrace playing in it like children who can’t get enough.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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