How to Nurture your Nature

Life can be rich and rewarding if one can recognize their true nature and then nurture it to life.

The story begins in 2010 December. It’s our 10th wedding anniversary and we decide to celebrate it in Praslin, Seychelles.

It went wonderfully well and as we are leaving we wish we could keep coming back but we are sad that we could never afford it.

To rub that truth in further, I spot a sign at the airport that states that a dream home in Seychelles is for sale for a princely price of 1 million dollars. Bye bye paradise island!

We come back home and we keep thinking of our holiday and the beach and the weather and wishing it was not the last time.

My wife mentions to me that she had seen a real estate agent website that is advertising homes for sale in Seychelles and that we should enquire.

A hopeless mind is a full of hope. And when you have nothing to lose you ask for the moon. So we did.

We wrote to this agent and in an embarrassing tone confessed that our budget was a fraction of what we had seen. We expected a polite ‘thank you but don’t waste my time’ response. But instead he replied with — “ yes for that budget we have this plot available for sale in Praslin island…There is a house on the land but it needs to be broken down and rebuilt.”

We could not believe our luck! There actually was a plot of land we could afford on our dream island! Must be a hoax. Must be a drug dealer selling a bogus plot to naive foreigners. It’s how the mind works and cautions us to be careful and not make crazy decisions.

Still highly hopeful and highly suspicious we looked it up on the internet. The pictures seemed to be authentic. I went on Google Earth and found the plot and the house. Google Earth was my proof that the place existed.

Since we had no plans of going back to Seychelles anytime soon we had a choice to make. To buy it based on the Google Earth location map and estate agent pics or let it pass.

We bought it.

We used all our savings we had into paying for this plot of land without having set foot on it.

We bought the place in April 2011 and the first time we saw the house was in July 2011.

When we arrived at the place we were welcomed by the sellers and the agent and a plot of land and a small shy house tucked in the middle of an overgrown forest 50 steps from the beach. This was the house that was not supposed to be a house and needed to be torn down and rebuilt. Like an old dog waiting to be put down. We loved her and i thing she was happy to have us call her home.

It was an old fisherman’s home. Weather beaten and faded but proud and strong. We had spent all our money buying this place and flying to the island so we said we’ll live in it a few months as we save to built it from scratch.

The roof would leak occasionally. The shower was 90% blocked and the house needed to be repainted. The louvers from the windows were missing…But the rest was fine. We slept on an air bed, cooked on a hot plate and bought a small refrigerator to stock the beers. We were in heaven. We were delighted.

Our dream had come true.

Our agent called it 5 star camping. 9 Years later, we have not gutted the house. We fought a termite attack together. Changed her roof. Gave her a new porch and a fresh coat of paint and new windows and a new bathroom and some air conditioners.

This is how the house that was meant to be torn down looks like today. We have loving restored it and the house has lovingly looked after us for 9 years.

Along the way we have added 100’s of flowering plants, dozens of palms and coconuts and fruit trees and a few trees that we don’t know the name of or how big they might grow…

It’s 50 steps from a jacuzzi beach where the waters are always warm and waves tickle our toes. We swim with little silver fish that always swim along with us/ hang out as we lounge in the shallow sands. The road you see in the picture leads to a Nature reserve behind the house that was discovered a few years after we moved in.

The reason I tell you this story is because it’s a story of how we nurtured our adventurous nature and made our dream come true.

We did not give up on the dream in our drawer. We kept it alive. Worked on it. And faced a lot of challenges along the way. But we persisted.

I think the secret to a joyful meaningful tranquil life is about finding your nature and then nurturing it patiently and proudly. It pays back in multiple ways and compounds as time passes.

If you have a mad audacious dream. Don’t give up on it. It’s your Nature. Nurture it.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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