How to manage your mind when you are starting something new.

Loser. You can’t do it. Really? Are you sure you know what you are talking about? You don’t have the right skills. Remember the last time you failed? Don’t do it. Quit. Go back.

Is that the sound of your mind?

If it sounds similar — give or take an abuse then you need to listen to me.

This sound you hear in your head is your ‘Default Mode Network’. Look it up. Read about it. Become an expert. It’s your mind that you have not met yet.

There is an old African proverb — What you can look at can’t scare you.

What I am inviting you to do is stare at your mind. And look at your fear in the eye.

It will teach you something no school teaches you- that your mind is not who you are.

Your mind is an old mind. It’s been around for as long as you are alive. It’s your habit mind. It likes the cushion of your repertoire and repetition. It likes when you brush your teeth on time, have your cup of coffee with half a spoon of brown sugar, wear your favorite dress on Monday and cuddle up with your old faithful by the fire.

Nothing wrong with this mind.

Except when you decide to go on an adventure. This is when it panics. It fears for your safety and health and life. It knows only three ways to be — fight, flight, freeze. Pick one it says. Explore ? Don’t have the code for that.

This is where you have to hack into a new mind. The kid mind. The mind that wants to open up and stare at the unknown and wish on a light in the dark sky.

This is when you have to look up. And not look back.

A lot of our habits are programmed to make us look back and copy and paste. Nothing wrong with that.

But when you want to look up and out of your habit zone you need some new tools.

Become a child again. Watch kids. They just try stuff. They don’t feel shame or guilt or fear. They play.

Play. It’s a wonderful 4 letter word that we don’t take seriously enough. We must learn to play again. Play with our skills. Play with our options. Play with our identity.

Who said we we have to be who we are?

Who decided that we can’t play and be new?

Be new. Play.

You just have now. Don’t waste it by living in the past.

My trick is to try it. Just do it. If someone says it’s too hard — don’t agree with them. Experiment. Life is a series of experiments. Nothing is permanent and nothing will be held against you.

Play your life. Like you play your piano or your banjo.

And when your mind objects and abuses you- just stop and listen to it — like you listen to your neighbours fighting- and then try that new thing.

Have that affair. Leave that woman/man you said you can’t .

Have that baby.

Start that business you said you should.

Try that dress

Go to that retreat you’ve been postponing.

Call him. Call her.

You have nothing to lose. Only your kid mind to gain.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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