How to Make Everything possible.

By living in the future and acting in the present.

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If you feel a little stuck in life, you might be living in the past. Most mystics might tell you to be in the moment to experience life as it unfolds. That is indeed the best way to live your life. Life is now. No doubt about that.

But what about our dreams and goals? We all want to look ahead as we live in the now. I have always found that paradoxical and confusing.

How do I do both?

The Future Perfect tense in English Grammar is a useful metaphor for managing the paradox.

The future perfect tense refers to a completed action in the future. When we use this tense we are projecting ourselves forward into the future and looking back at an action that will be completed sometime later than now. It is most often used with a time expression. Example — When I turn thirty, I will have been living in London for 5 years.

This way of looking at life suddenly makes the future perfect in the present.

How to apply it in life.

You have to be able to `see’ who you are in the future today.

This way of living life demands only 2 fundamental states of mind -Pure Imagination and Unlimited Creativity.

Let's explore each a little deeper to find a useful truth.

  1. Manufacture Pure Imagination- Here we imagine our future self/state today and visualize it in all its detail and glory. It’s a space of infinite potential where everything is possible. You have to look at it like an optimism prism- only shades of positive. You have to decide who you are in the future and become it. You color that state of yourself with a lot of detail. Fearless detail. Unperturbed by your current circumstance. Unapologetic in its ambition or glory. Without a shred of shadow. Unencumbered by humility. Magnified by its own magnificence. This is your self-portrait par excellence. This is the exalted you. This is the super you.

That is the first half step. Now in that same space, imagine the path that will get you there as you see it now.

So let's say you want to earn a million by the time you turn 30 and you have 5 years to go. How do you think you can make that million? What is your best way as you see it now? Imagine that in all its detail. Imagine all the things you are doing to get to that million. Imagine all the people and things that are helping you get there.

The key here is you are imagining 2 things- the future you and the path that you took to get to that version of yourself- today.

Take my own life — when I was 25 I had this audacious idea where I imagined myself working in New York, happily married to the love of my life. I was single and thousands of miles from that future self. But it did not stop me from imagining. I did not just imagine myself there, I also pictured a path that would get me there. I imagined myself in college studying to get a Master’s degree that would then lead to a cool job in New York where i would meet the love of my life.

Now, move-in mentally into this self.

Start savoring this place in your mind. Start to actively create exciting, delightful mental images of this new you and your new life and the steps you are taking to get there, and how it will feel when you are actively moving towards that goal.

This step will require you to be delusional. You are training your mind to learn to suspend all questions and doubts and reality checks. In short bursts at first. And then whenever you have a free dead time… traveling, eating, bathing, etc. Just imagine different facets of the new future you.

In my case, I used to imagine myself in class with the love of my life.. studying…(i know!); walking in the park hand in hand eating ice cream while watching the sunset. I imagined getting accepted into a great university and getting all the funding that we both needed to graduate. I imagined all the detail of how it felt to be free.

You might ask — how to drown the doubt that will float to the top? Replace it immediately with your favorite image/feeling of the future you. The mind lets you after a bit of trying.

The only thing you need to manufacture in the first step is a pure projection of you and the path you took to become the future fabulous you.

The next step will help us make our imagination possible. Before you move there just keep one thing in mind …these two steps are not linear. They might begin with the imagination but quickly they start to dance together as one choreographed movement.

The second state.

2. Unlimited Creativity- Creativity is the physical manifestation of your imagination. You have to make your imagination.

Imagination requires we have a frame and a context from which to have an idea; creativity requires that we have the knowledge of the idea, motivation and freedom to explore and experiment; intelligence to see what elements must be combined to build it, and the energy to persist and see it through.

In this step, we get to work. We create all the actions that we must take to match that imagination we hold in our minds. We create all our actions in the firm belief that each of them is a definite step in realizing the version of ourselves that we have imagined.

In my case, I started to apply for all the courses I thought I would take in the US. I found the colleges, applied, paid the application fee, wrote my statement of purpose, applied for financial aid, and studied at nights for my GRE. While by day I worked my day job. I lived this double life for over 12 months. I lived in the future and acted in the present on it- while managing my daily needs.

In the course of the next 12 months I met the love of my life…who is still my wife; we both applied to the same universities, we got admitted in the same college but then something strange happened… which leads me to the third state of how everything becomes possible.

3. You let go of the detail of the outcome.

In this third state of mind, you let go of the detail of your desired outcome. This is a spiritual state of mind. The third state of mind.

You have to let faith take over.

This is where luck appears like a rainbow…does its thing and disappears. By now your imagination and creativity have been dancing for so long that you just know something will happen- exactly what …you have to look forward to finding out. You just have to perfect the dance of your future self with the actions in the present. And get joy from that act.

I know it's a hard thing to accept. But it’s how creation works. You have to let nature surprise you. In fact, see this act of nature as a way of showing you that she was watching you and helping you all along. Now it was her turn to give you something you did not expect, but in hindsight was exactly what you needed.

In our case, I could not get to college for a lack of aid-but she did get admission into a great school …in London instead of New York. After a lot of tears and traumatic fights, she left to study for a year and we lived thousands of miles apart. That was hard. But distance made our love grow even stronger and by the time she came back I got an offer to move with my company to our London office. We got married that winter and by January of the next year, we were walking hand in hand eating ice cream in the green gardens of Regents Park.

Just like I had imagined …but better.


I know how it feels to be stuck. But I also know what it takes to be free.

All you need is to look inside yourself and use the twin energies of Imagination and Creativity given to you by nature to manifest your future self. You don't need anything else.

Is that not a massively liberating feeling?

My two words that guide me whenever I feel stuck in my reality are always…Don't worry bro…Everything’s possible.

I hope you create what you imagine.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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