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Have we maybe `forgotten’ who we really are ?

I have a hunch that we as humans are suffering from spiritual amnesia. We have forgotten our true inner core. Our true vibration.

I found this Ted Talk by Jennifer Gardy and Peter Greyson mind opening and very insightful for helping us find our true nature.

Did you know that there is a bird called Zebra Finch (the bird picture in this article may not be one but looked a cool imitation) who when raised in the wild learn a song from their dad and uncles that they can remember and replicate easily. And it sounds beautiful.

But if you raise a Zebra Finch in isolation :( — he still has some memory of the song but it’s very raw and distorted. But amazingly after 4/5 generations of the same family who have never heard a natural bird song being sung to it because they too have been raised in isolation …wait for this…they can now sing the original song. They remembered the original song! As the speaker says “it was in them all along…in their dna”.

This insight made me wonder if we have as modern humans suppressed our genome to the truth about our real self. The truth that we have a inner core that is in complete sync with a state of vibration in the universe that is always at complete peace and ease and bliss.

And maybe more tantalisingly, we can somehow switch it back on and realize that we are at our core- spiritual beings having a human experience on this planet so there is nothing to really worry about or fear or hate or …you get my dopy drift. All we need to somehow trigger is an epigenetic experience! I guess all the Buddha’s , Ramana Maharahi and the Jesus’s had one of those.

Maybe all we have to do is recall our genetic spiritual self memory.

Just a hunch while I research Epigenetics further.

Please share your insight on this genetic memory loss hunch I have.

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