Findings on the road to self transformation- When in Doubt-Give.

Photo by Birte Liu on Unsplash

The trick to remove self doubt from your mind is to move from the position of a victim to a saviour.

Just this simple act of moving from self doubting to giving makes you feel better and kinder and like yourself when your mind is berating you.

This simple mind shift is a sure fire way to stop your mind from hurting you. It will not last if you are in the habit of lashing yourself or letting your thoughts decide how you will feel. But it is a trick to move the mind into a place where it can’t help but like itself.

Let me give you an example from my own life to illustrate.

Somedays i wake up from a bad dream and i have this dense dark mood in my mind.The dream left me feeling low or liking myself a little less. I walk around grumpy/ worried/ angry/sad and all variations of the same emotions.

If i let myself sink into these thoughts i invariably ruin my day or worse the day of someone i care about around me.

I do something or think something good for someone else.

Nothing grand. As little as make my wife a cup of tea and bring it to her in bed, send a happy text to my family, call my mum and tell her a bad joke or ask her how she is …and listen and try to fix something that she needs.

It always works. I am sure you do it too.

You just feel a bit better about yourself.

You find your own kindness corner. A little bit of your own self sunshine.

I have found it the most fool proof way to defeat your ego- the voice in your head that is critical of you.

I agree with him.

Giving is a great way to grow your mind. It does not need to be big things. It can be as small as a goodwill prayer in your mind as you move around in the world.

Give when you find yourself doubting yourself and see the doubt melt into sweetness inside you.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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