Findings on the road to self transformation-watch your thoughts.

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Finding 23 : Watching your thoughts calms them.

Witness your thoughts and realise that you are not your thoughts. Any time and anywhere you have a few minutes in your day when you are in between things try this simple exercise.

1. Focus your mind to your breath. Hear it go in and out a few times . This will settle you to pay attention.

2. Now wait for your next thought to arise

3. Watch the thought.

4. Feel its emotion.

5. Observe its demise.

6. Repeat.

7. Take notes of what you saw and felt.

The first thing you will observe that the flow of thoughts is incessant.

One thought after another.

Why they arise is a mystery that man has not solved yet. They come out of your subconscious mind and rise like a wave in the ocean of your mind.

Watch it. Don’t judge it. Don’t regret it. Don’t label it as good or bad. Just observe it like you would observe a bird or an insect in the air. Look at it. Intently.

I’ll give you an example of a thought i just had…

I had an image of me waiting at a train station of a London airport. I saw myself standing there. I saw the signs of a train arriving soon to go to Bank. It was daytime. I was relaxed so the atmosphere was calm and yet expectant. I had no bags. I was with someone.

1. Feel the emotion of the thought. How were you feeling about that thought ? Were you happy , sad, bored, angry etc . In my example I was eager to get in. not anxious. Ready.

2. Keep watching that thought and notice where it goes. It will, like a wave on the ocean dissolve back into a void, a blank space of energy where there is No Thing. Not nothing , but full of No thing. And then a new thought appears as another wave in the ocean of your mind.

Just this example will show you that you are not your thoughts. You have thoughts but you did not create them at that moment . You just experienced them. You witness them.

What you experience is not who you are. Just like if you drink a glass of cold water does not make you cold water. Your thoughts are a set of images, emotions, memories stored in your brain but they are not who you are.

As long as you do not attach yourself to them. This is the hardest part.

You can decide what to do with your thoughts. Observe and do nothing, observe and decide and act but they are thoughts . They are not who you are.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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