Findings on the road to self transformation-the power of surrender.

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Finding 22: Learn the healing power of Surrender to move closer to your goals.

“By flowing with the river you acquire the power of the river”- Alan Watts

Its another way to look at the power of Surrender in achieving our goals.

I find the idea of being like a river very inspiring analogy. A river seems to have a simple but powerful goal .

If you flow against it you resist the power of the river and therefore lose power to the river. In life when we are faced with circumstances we don’t like we try and resist them in our minds and we get sad, depressed or angry.

But if you surrender to the circumstance but not to the goal you have set you achieve a new lens on how to move forward in a state of surrender.

You can use the river and its power to go with the flow and use its power to move towards your goal.

So if you find yourself in a place you want to get out of for e.g. you have lost your job or quit a job you hated or was toxic in its culture and then finding it hard to get the right next job then instead of feeling stuck or getting desperate which is a sign of resistance, just go with the flow with the goal clearly in your vision.

Let the flow help you move along your path… so do a course , learn a new life skill, start blogging about your subject matter, start a new hobby, set up a new company, make new connections, keep looking for ways to stay excited about your present moment while keeping the goal in sight and opportunities will arise. Do what feels good now.

Discovering our spiritual self gives us the confidence to surrender to the present while moving towards our goals.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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