Findings on the road to self transformation-don’t believe your current reality.

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“The only thing that is keeping you from where you want to be is talking about where you are.” — Carl Sagan.

Finding 14: Your current circumstance is the wrong spot to view your future.

Look around at your current life. It’s a physical outcome of your thoughts and actions of the past. I see my life is a testament to this.

Everything I have in my life today is a result of my choices and belief and actions. It all manifested in one way or another. My good fortune, my dilemmas and my obstacles. All a manifestation of my mind’s desire in the past. So on one hand its thrilling to realise that I can sculpt my thoughts into reality with my actions and circumstances that serendipitously form to enable the manifestation.

At the same time I also realise that I have to look beyond my current circumstance and physical reality to get where I see myself next . If I keep looking at my current circumstance and worry that it’s not my new reality then all I am doing is causing resistance in my creation field.

What is the creation field? It’s the invisible workshop of your vibrational body and mind that is sculpting your reality from the constant Higgs energy field in the universe.

It’s my way of using laws of Particle Physics and applying them to the world of Spiritual Human Creation.

Your thoughts are energy particles that interact with the Higgs field to create mass/reality. The more interactions they have with the field the faster they form. Read up about the Higgs Field or watch some You Tube master classes on this topic and you will see what I mean.

All great spiritual masters and manifestation gurus insist on practice and repeated visualisation for the reason of increasing the number of interactions with the energy field. The more you positively feed (through the power of your feelings) the reality you see in your mind the more that thought energy interacts with the Higgs field and the more it causes matter to form. It’s the law of Creation in the universe. It’s a fact. If done with repeated clarity, emotion and force it is destined to take physical shape.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was echoing this law in nature when he wrote these words- “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

The corollary to this law is the truth of resonance.

The more we can hold that feeling of the new reality in our heart and mind the easier it takes shape in our physical reality due to the increased power of resonance it exhibits as an energy thought particle

To explain- imagine you see your new reality as one who has an amazing job that you desire. The way to see this job in your mind has two dimensions. The visual and the sensory. On the visual plane one must see this job in all its vivid detail and force in our minds eye. For example you could see yourself getting the offer letter or see yourself doing parts of the job that you love with flair and ease, Or if you like some limelight see yourself being announced on stage as you walk on to speak with confidence. Whatever makes you feel good…

This segues well into the second sensory dimension- emotion. How you feel about these visual images or videos is the second vibration that is key to manifesting.

The feeling of your desires when mapped onto the visual signature of your future reality creates an energy particle that now interacts on 2 planes in the Higgs field therefore has a higher probability of forming material form than one that has only one dimension.

So the symbolic formula for manifesting your new reality is:

(A clear vivid image of your desired reality + how good that makes you feel + repeated visualisation with your heart, body and mind+ holding that feeling now+ divine time)*complete surrender to the final outcome = Your thoughts as energy particles interact with the Higgs field in the universe and slowly manifest and become the things that you need.

Please note the subtle emphasis on the multiplier factor and the act of surrender to the final outcome. What I mean by that is that every time this bundle of thoughts is imagined and energised, it needs to be always accompanied by a vibration of surrender to the final outcome.

This should be expressed as the emotion of Gratitude to the higher force that is co-creating with you. I also firmly believe that the final outcome should not be completely under our control, otherwise where is the surprise in life…

The joy and delight of co-created manifestation with the Higgs field is in the surprise of the unwrapping and beholding its final co created form that might be way more abundant than your wildest dreams.

This also explains why the manifestation is what you need and not necessarily exactly what you wanted; but in my experience the feeling of the manifested reality is the same if not better.

By wrapping all your manifestation desires with the humility of gratitude also ensures that you realise that it’s not your ego but your consciousness behind the canvas with the paint brush.

So every time you trigger this desire bundle of energy you could end with the feeling of — I am grateful for the highest version of this gift.

Divine Time in the formula is crucial to engender patience in the practice of co creation. How long it takes is not for us to decide. All we can do is practice with clarity and faith. I think the quality and the number of interactions with the Higgs field is our end of the co- creation task that we must solely remain devoted to. The final form and timing of it we have to leave to the higher matter giving force to design.

Also worth noting that this formula has no connection with the current reality around you. Nor does it need to be in resistance to your current reality to change it. Future reality is not about bending the pipes of current reality using heat and force like a mechanic or plumber would if trying to shape metal. Its more an act of creating a new canvas or playing new music and morphing seamlessly from the old to the new.

Finally the power of this formula is in holding that feeling in the present moment.

This is the most sophisticated part of the equation by far but also its source of living in the now with joy. Feel the emotion you want to feel in your new reality in the things you already have now. So using the example of the new cool job if the feeling you want to have is that of abundance and ease -look around your life and try to extract or interpret that same feeling.

For example you might discover it in your abundant and effortless relationship with someone close to you or you might feel that in some activity/ hobby you indulge or in something you do in your current work or spare time for others. Just try to trigger or feel that same feeling you want from your new reality in your current circumstance to again create more opportunities of interactions between your thought particles and the Higgs field.

For me the act of Co creation with the Higss field is a joyful meditation practice.

It’s a daily practice that is done for its own sake as well as its augmented benefits. It’s a private journey of paying attention to our thoughts and stringing them together to create a new tune for the development of self and those who come in contact with us.

The physical manifestations of the co creation in progress will appear in hunches or ideas that will occur to you.

Follow those hunches. Explore where they take you. If they strengthen the energy field you want to manifest follow your energy…if not let go and surrender to divine force.

Your beacon is your bundle of thoughts and emotion. Trust that force. Take one step at a time. Observe yourself like a wild animal. Observe your own instincts and be guided by their force and insinuation. This whole act of life is a dance with your human self and the `inner Higgs’ that is what we are all made of.

This persistent dance will make you become whole and Alan Watts and Carl Jung would smile at your moves.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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