“Ego is a radar on a ship.”

And our identification with it is a joke.

Andy Travis


Photo by James Sloan on Unsplash

Alan Watts said this.

And unlocked the whole illusion of the ego attachment in one turn of the key for me. If you listen to the Youtube link I have tagged to his name, you might get a treat if you are an ego hunter like me.

In this discourse, he says something very simple and therefore profound.

He reminds us that we as an organism are in continuous energy with everything else in this universe. The fact that our blood flows without us having to learn to make it flow says that we are in harmony with everything in nature. We are one with nature. As a whole harmonic being.

But instead of being this harmonic whole, we hold a partial view that I am something In this body- the ego.

Now in his own words,

“That’s a joke.

The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention.

It’s like a radar on a ship. The radar on a ship is a troubleshooter for anything in the way. And conscious attention is a designed function of the brain to scan the environment as the radar does. And note for any trouble making changes.

But if you identify yourself with your troubleshooter — then naturally you identify yourself with a perpetual state of anxiety.

And the moment we cease to identify with ego… and become aware that we are the whole organism- You realize how harmonious the whole thing is. Because your organism is a miracle of harmony.”
Alan Watts.

I have not heard a better metaphor to dismantle the ego from its pedestal forever in my books. Finally, I see what the ego is and how partial and fond one can get about it while missing the whole point of our wholeness.