Chapter 1.

The day I decided to leave home

I was fast asleep . It was 1.30 in the morning. I was dreaming about my day ahead . It was gong to be fantastic . I was going for my final MBA interview . I was on the cusp of changing my life . It was going to be my grand coming out from the shadow of my adolescence . Out of the grip of my suffering mother. Out of the savage grip of my poverty .

I was dreaming of my next life out of the prison of my constraints . In my dream I felt the hands of my father on my shoulder . I felt safe.

I woke up . I was on the floor of a train compartment . The ticket checker was staring down at my face …I could hear him whispering menacingly . He was pulling me up to my feet with my collar … I was sleeping on the floor of a bogey that was reserved for valid ticket holders. My ticket was wait listed and therefore I was technically traveling ticketless.

I was thrown out of the train . It was the middle of the night . I had no idea where I was .my bag was at my feet … open and my clothes all over the floor . All I could think of was getting back on the train … I had to get to Mumbai … to my final MBA interview .

I ran …I ran… the train had started to move … I ran for my life … until I swung onto the last compartment of the train. The one coach that allowed people like me to travel . It was packed with dreamers . people sleeping on the floor … dreaming away about their tomorrow . I felt at home :) I sat on my luggage — for 5 hours until the sun rose and I saw the slums of mumbai …I was ecstatic!

That was the first day since I decided to leave home .

Chapter 2

It’s 2018 .

25 years have passed since that sunrise in the train for me . I guess some of you can recognize the feeling I have of “where the %#^* did the time go” . I think it’s time to take stock . And check if leaving home was worth the departure .

It’s been an adventure that Tintin would approve of (I hope!) . I went from getting enrolled ,completing my MBA , working in Mumbai, meeting my love, moving to London to Amsterdam where I live now . I work at a cool beer company doing what I love doing — being a creative marketing man. I have travelled all over the world, seen the sun rise on Easter Island and sunset on the Pyramids. Work has been play all my life . I feel blessed and I am grateful for it all. So I can safely say 25 years later to anyone thinking of taking that train into a new life — do it . Do it. DO IT.

It won’t be a perfect path but it will be yours.

I don’t know where this blog will go next but I think it’s becoming my diary and I think I will confess things here and let my paradoxes surface and shared with other like minded souls out there who are searching for meaning for the next 25 years of their life :)

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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