Are you a spiritual superhero?

10 reasons why you must enrol in the class of 2020.

Welcome to the age of consciousness. Where the world will be shaped by men and women who are super humans. These people look ordinary on the cover (even awkward to some) but have extraordinary powers inside themselves.

They are the rising army of spiritual soldiers who are going to help humanity survive and revive over the next decades.

These are some of their signs. See if you have them or want them.

  1. They can see their minds.

Ordinary humans are swamped by thoughts every second. We have no power over where they come from and where they go. We are helpless in their path and helpless in identification with them. We are lost in our thoughts. And this makes us suffer endlessly. The spiritual soldier has this in control. They can watch their thoughts arise and pass. They do not let the thought get absorbed into their identity. They can step back and observe it. Then decide what to do or not to do with them. Sam Harris comes to mind.

2. They are fearlessly compassionate.

They have a scary fearless confidence in themselves. They don’t care what the world thinks of them. They have no resent or hate. They say in the words of Ryan Holiday in my favourite book on self improvement- ‘The Obstacle is the way’ — Bitterness is their burden not yours

They only care about compassion for the world around them. Keanu Reeves comes to mind.

3. They are unconditionally grateful.

They have found the strength in themselves to replace fear with gratitude. They are always thankful for what they have and not for what they crave. The best book i have ever read on this topic of unconditional gratitude is by Victor Frankl — Man’s Search for Meaning.

They look at the world with abundance and don’t worry about the threat of lack. Tony Robbins comes to mind. i think his book Awaken the Giant Within is one game changing book everyone should read and reread.

4. They pay attention to the Now.

They value the power of the present moment. Everything they know happens in the Now and the past is a thought and the future will emerge from the now. They know that the most valuable asset is attention and not time. The more attention that one gives to the present moment the more the future will be what one wants. They know this. Not understand it. They know it. Echhart Tolle preaches this best. in his book The Power of Now.

5. They know that the ego is an illusion. That clarity gives them a super power.

The ego is the most used word in a lot of self help books and a lot of time is spent on it and how to manage it. But the Spiritual Soldier knows the truth. That it is an illusion. It does not exist. It pretends to exist. You think you have an ego. This person inside your body that controls what happens. But look for it and it disappears. Its a truth not very deep but on the surface in plain sight for you to experience for yourself. Its as true as discovering that you have an optical blind spot. You just need to know how to look for it. The man who is a master of explaining this Sam Harris and you must read about it in his amazing book — Waking up.

Its one of those books that can rewire your mind if you are ready for it. This makes life clearer and and that clarity is power. They have that.

6. They know their inner goodness is a super power we are all born with and they can and KNOW how to rewire their minds.

They have learnt the power of Epigenetic mutation and how to unlock the hidden power in our genes with diligent determination. They know that they are wired for goodness and not fear. I found the book Born to be Good by Dacher Keltner very insightful about this topic where he discusses Darwin and what he found.

7. They know how to harness the power of psychedelics to transform their connection to the universe.

They know the power that they carry and how to use them to open our minds up to harness cosmic intuition. A great book that really explores this phenomenon and power is DMT — The Spirit molecule that captures the Science behind it and what it means and how one can access it. Another visionary mind who explored this in great depth is Terence Meckenna who you must experience at least once in your mind.

8. They are expert meditators for the sake of improving the lives of others around them. They know that they meditate for the betterment of others around them and not for themselves.

They know the art and science of meditation. It’s not something they use to get something but to become better human beings for the people they serve or care about. Sam Harris in his Waking up app comes to mind.

9. They Fortify their bodies.

They know their divinity is encased in a human form.They know that a kind spiritual mind needs a strong frame. They nurture both and focus on growth and progress and giving over gain and self preservation.

They live with a warm forgiving heart in a body that can bear the burden of life. Wim Hoff is my role model here. and his great book Becoming the Iceman.

10. They know how to make this a daily habit.

They live this life and practice these powers daily. It’s like breathing for them. They are aware that spiritual life is a daily practice and habit. Anthony Robbins and his talk on rituals is my favourite.

If you have these powers or are working daily to get them then bravo and wow! you are in the right place at the right time in history. I hope you know that it’s a great responsibility you have to guide this planet and us humans back to humanity.

I predict that we will need an army of spiritual soldiers soon as we get ready to battle with the machine mind of General Artificial Super Intelligence.

And you my friend will be in the frontline.

Curious about what makes us tick, tickle and other similar black holes. ;

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